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I think these personalized letters are terrific for the kids! I've been sending them to my nieces and nephews for years. Keep up the good work!

Michael Westloski
Pittsburgh, PA

Holiday Innovations ...We just received your "Letter From Santa". Let me say, I think it is the cutest thing I've ever seen and I hope you continue the same each year. Although my baby is an infant and doesn't understand, she will always have this letter from Santa. It's great!

Thank you for thinking of us.

Joanne Borum
Hempstead, NY

I actually got your information when I was at a local retailer one day. I got onto the website and signed up for the three letter package. Which was a great deal by the way. Anyhow, my child just received her letter from the Easter Bunny and is absolutely beside herself. She wasn't having a very good day, but you letter turned her upside down! Thank you so much for what you do! Making a child smile is priceless!

Tammy Naismith
Port St. Lucie, FL

While checking out at my local grocery chain, I saw one of your forms.  After registering at your online store, I was amazed to see the great variety of letters and gifts.   Since Easter was just around the corner, I was not sure if my granddaughter would get the letter and plush bunny combo since she is in Montana and your on the East Coast. 

I placed the order and within three days she received her package and her first call was to me.  Thrilled to the sky, she said how the Easter Bunny send her a letter and toy.  This was Sabrina's first package in the mail.   Thanks for making Easter magic for my precious granddaughter!

Diane Olson

White Plains, NY

My friend's oldest child, Conner, got his Santa letter this year when he got home from school one day. He is 10 (and starting not to believe). He had a friend with him from school who said, "I never got a letter from Santa!". Before he could even say there wasn't a Santa, Conner said, "Well, I always get one, I know there is a Santa!". They moved from Wichita, KS this year to Arizona and so they are needing a lot of things that remind them of how the holidays were back home. They love their Santa letters and it is a tradition I will soon pass on to my nephew's children next year. Again, I thank you for your compassion at this time of year, it means so much.

Christine Yevitz
St. Louis, MO 

It is because of your service that I have no problems spreading the word about your company. I printed up several pages of coupons and gave them out to my co-workers in my building. If my memory is correct, I have had letters sent to different family members now for 10-15 years and what is really funny is that NO ONE knows it is me sending the letters!

Denise McCann
Phoenix, AZ

My children have been thrilled each Christmas & Easter to receive these letters.  I just starting sending the gifts along as well.  This year, they loved the Santa Cookie Plate and the Plush Toys.   Great concept and adorable ideas!   I shared  your website with the folks in the office, so good luck and thanks for the smiles.

Nancy Pomrinke

Hartford, CT

Just wanted to comment on your website.  At first, I filled out the address book and thought it was a bit much.  However, after I used your site for a couple of orders I saw how easy to use the drop down box for my kids and grandkids.  Yes, I am a recent computer user and am not accustomed to using the web to order but your site worked well and easy to use."

Steve Schoenfield

Mansfield, OH