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Birthday Letters & Gifts From Santa

This Holiday Season, we are proud to offer FOUR different and unique personalized letters.Birthdays are fun and a special time in our childrens lives.

Your friends here at Holiday Innovations know the joy that a Personalized Letter and Gift from Santa Claus brings to those special children, pets and grown ups in your life; especially during their birthdays.

That's why we offer a wide variety of Personalized Birthday Letters and Adorable Gifts directly from Santa at the North Pole. What a perfect way to celebrate!

What better way to send along Happy Birthday Greetings than to have Santa and Mrs. Claus prepare a Personalized Letter accompanied by some adorable gifts including our cuddly 10" Santa's Happy Birthday Bear and even a 3-D Message from Santa with a pair of Santa's really cool Happy Birthday 3-D Glasses.

Holiday Innovations has you covered.  Our Holiday Helpers send all Letters and Gifts in colorful North Pole Packaging. They are mailed via First Class USPS two weeks prior to the individual's birthday!



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Santa's Birthday Letter & Gift Value Pack

Santa has put together a value pack of some of this most popular Birthday gifts certain to Thrill Your Child during their Birthday. This pack includes a Personalized Birthday Letter From Santa; A Pair of Special 3-D Birthday Celebration Glasses and A Cuddly 10" Extra Soft Happy Birthday Bear all for a super low savings price. Make your child smile on this special day with Santa's Birthday Letter & Gift Value Pack!

Happy Birthday Letter From Santa - Children's Letter

Santa sends along Happy Birthday Greetings to your child on this very special day. This traditional children's letter is written on Santa's personal North Pole birthday stationery and sent in a colorful envelope. Adorable birthday gifts can be sent along with your child's Personalized Birthday Letter from Santa.

Happy Birthday Personalized Letter from Santa - Baby's First Birthday

In Celebration of one of your child's First Birthday, Santa sends along a Personalized Letter marking this special occasion.

Santa & Mrs. Claus are so happy on the news of this joyous occasion that they have prepared and will send along a special 1st Birthday Certificate for your child's baby album.

Happy Birthday Personalized Letters From Santa -- Letter For Grown Ups

Bring back the joy of the fun during childhood birthday's with Santa's Personalized Birthday Letter for Grown Ups. 

This letter harkens us back to the time of carefree fun while Santa sends along his very best wishes for a great day for your special grown up.

Personalized Birthday Letter From Santa -- Belated Birthday Greetings

Sometimes we get so busy, we forget to send along a Happy Birthday Greeting to that special child or other loved one.   Holiday Innovations has you covered with Santa's Personalized Belated Birthday Letter.

Santa's 10" Cuddly Extra Soft Happy Birthday Bear

Thrill Your Child on one of the year's most memorable days by sending along Santa's Cuddly Extra Soft 10" Happy Birthday Bear.

Made of the finest fabrics, this adorable bear is made of the finest fabrics and is sure to bring a smile to your child on the occasion of their birthday!

Santa's Cuddly Happy Birthday Bear is a perfect add on to your child's Personalized Birthday Letter From Santa (Ordered Seperately)

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Happy Birthday 3-D Glasses

Thrill Your Child with a 3-D Birthday Greeting as our amazing holographic lenses bend the light creating a distinct magical Happy Birthday images. Each glass is colorfully printed complete with easy to read directions. The Happy Birthday glasses work when looking at any bright point of light.